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Dinner problem again…. September 24, 2012

Posted by sgvelox in Uncategorized.

What’s happening to you? We already agreed that we are going to have dinner after your lesson.

I know you have some problems in work but sometimes you have to know how to balance up a little, meaning is to know what are you doing.

You asked me if I’m feeling better to eat at 888? and if I’m able to fetch you from lesson.

I told you that I don’t feel really good to drive because the medication effect hasn’t worn off yet and I feel giddy at that moment (6++PM)

You reply me with a “Sigh!” then asking how ordering KFC, Mc Donalds or Pizza right?

I said pizza will be good but I can’t order too early because after you reached home, the pizza will be cold…. then about 1hr later, you asked again whether to order pizza tonight or tomorrow.

Since you asked this question, I personally feel that tomorrow will be better choice because you don’t have lesson, so pizza will be warm when we eat it. But who knows… another hr later, you told me tomorrow your classmate is asking you to go library for study session…. then you started to blame me for replying too slow. You asked so many questions within 1 minute and I was having a shower at that time… my phone was gonna explode.

I’m really sick of this and being blamed again and again by all these nonsense!



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