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Waste time!! August 5, 2012

Posted by sgvelox in Uncategorized.

How long more are you gonna waste my time?? You are very good in wasting everybody’s time.

1) Everyone has to wait for you to get prepared to leave home and you always ended last to ready and we left home 30-50 mins late.

2) Whenever your mood swing for the bad, you will say,”I’m not going anymore! Now my mood is not good!” and you sit like a dumbass on the bed where everyone is ready to move off!

3) You yourself can’t event decide if you want to return back to work during weekend and I ended up missing my work schedule and it ended up its my own fault! Why? Because I was waiting for you to get ready for work so that I can send you there before I proceed to my work as your work place accessibility is limited!

Because of you! We either can’t go to the place we planned for or we totally abort the plan. I tell you straight, I rather stayed at home and do my own things because I don’t have to bother about this waiting game. You will only be ontime to leave home when your mood is really good or you are anxious to leave. If you are not at all keen, you SURELY will drag your own sweet time to get ready! Damn selfish! Some day I will loose all my friends and family because of your selfishness!



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