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Weekend meal?!? August 19, 2012

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I hate weekends especially when it comes to food. Very difficult to please you on your meals. You can tell me you are very simple in term of food choices, bullshit I’ll say!

You said you want to eat yong tou fu and I bought it but you made sarcastic remarks… You sounda like the choice of food i bought isn’t good enough to be consume by you. I really really fedup and i really no mood to eat and i ended throwing away my ‘untouched’ food into the dustbin.
You kept saying, “why you always assume I like this food and that food but always turn out to be a disaster?” and “why is always everyone treating me like that!”
Then history lesson… Blaming my family not treating her as their own… But who to blame? Everyone can get along with each other but you. Have you ever thought of that? Its not that people ain’t caring for you, its you are the one who isolated yourself to the others.
So to conclude, everyone is at fault while you are the only one correct? Fine! You still can’t accept the thinking of others. Selfish!


Dinner… August 13, 2012

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You wanted to eat Kway Tiao Fishball soup, so I buy for you after my IPT. Having to rush to buy after my training sure is a tiring thing but nevermind, its dinner anyway. But what are you doing the whole day at home? You are not working today and still waiting for me to buy dinner where you have mire free time to buy?!?
Your poor dog have to starve and wait for me to reach home to prepare his dinner as well?? Why can’t you do it?!? You are at home and you are so lazy even to steam his food? How long will it take? Its a mere 10 mins job… And now poor dog has to wait for me till 9:30pm then have dinner.
Everytime I’ll rush home to make his dinner before i rush to my IPT but today I’m tied up with my work and late for my IPT and on the other hand, you are at home. So WHY CAN’T YOU MAKE OUR POOR DOG’S Dinner!?!?

Back to dinner:

In the end, “These fish balls are meaningless, they are only food to me…”

Isn’t fishballs food?!? Does the word ‘fish ball’ has other meanings???

Getting frustrated when you can’t even use the chopsticks properly to catch the kway tiaos… And you showing me your frustrated face.

Seeing all these… My blood boils again… Its like almost everyday my blood is boiling.

I rather die early

Attitude Problem August 5, 2012

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You can tell me that you know about your attitude issue. Instead of telling me, you will try to change that so that you can have a better environment in work and as well as at home.

But you said.”You can’t put the blame on my attitude issue and it can’t be help as I’m always like this!”

You didn’t have so much trouble at work if not for your “proud of your attitude” issue.

When problem arises, try all means to search for a solution and get your supervisor to back you up. If your supervisor willing to back you up, what there to be afraid of? So what if other people is demanding unreasonably? As long as your supervisor can back you up, let him handle the case and you assist him/her.

You given up all hope and too lazy to find a solution and now want who to give you the answer to your problem??

Waste time!! August 5, 2012

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How long more are you gonna waste my time?? You are very good in wasting everybody’s time.

1) Everyone has to wait for you to get prepared to leave home and you always ended last to ready and we left home 30-50 mins late.

2) Whenever your mood swing for the bad, you will say,”I’m not going anymore! Now my mood is not good!” and you sit like a dumbass on the bed where everyone is ready to move off!

3) You yourself can’t event decide if you want to return back to work during weekend and I ended up missing my work schedule and it ended up its my own fault! Why? Because I was waiting for you to get ready for work so that I can send you there before I proceed to my work as your work place accessibility is limited!

Because of you! We either can’t go to the place we planned for or we totally abort the plan. I tell you straight, I rather stayed at home and do my own things because I don’t have to bother about this waiting game. You will only be ontime to leave home when your mood is really good or you are anxious to leave. If you are not at all keen, you SURELY will drag your own sweet time to get ready! Damn selfish! Some day I will loose all my friends and family because of your selfishness!