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Lunch 15/07/12 July 15, 2012

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Im being blamed for you who didn’t get to eat your lunch today and you are hungry. Please note that I myself ain’t eaten as well. You have eaten Popia earlier and still complaining! Well, fine! “I will go buy lunch. What you want for lunch?” I said,
“I dunno what to eat for lunch and I’m not in the mood” she said.
“Ok, simple. There are rice, noodles and bee hoon. So think of one” I said…
“…..” she kept quiet.
I waited for 30 mins and still no answer and my blood starts to boil. Damn so difficult just for a lunch? I’m not begging you to eat lunch!
You go into bedroom without a single reply…
I went into the bedroom 10 mins later and you are playing game on your iPad…
“So how? Decided on your lunch yet?” i said.
“I said, I dunno what to eat and you didn’t even care!” she said after 5 mins pause.
My blood hits evaporating point!
“fine! Are you ok if i just buy any food for you?!” i questioned!
“…..” she kept quiet and still playing her game.
Ok, i go ahead for my lunch.

Later as i was in the Korpitiam, sky started to rain heavily and I didn’t bring my umbrella… So i decided to settle my lunch in Korpitiam instead of packing back.

It took about an hour before the rain slows down and i’m still having headache of what to buy for her for lunch as her mood now is terrible.
Finally, i decided to buy bread from SWEE HENG bread shop and i tried to make a courtesy call to her if she’s ok with the bread but no body picked up.

Just as I was about to leave the area of shops, She returned my call and bark at me, “What time you intend to come back? I’ve been waiting for you for more than an hour!”

“I’m on my way back right now! and the reason why I took so long is because of the rain, didn’t you know it was raining earlier??, I bark back. She made lots of nasty remarks and I hung up on her as I’m really pissed off and I’m crossing a road (Safety First)

Why is having a meal so difficult!?!



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